• Extreme Weather Day

    Extreme Weather Day

    September 20, 2017

  • Homecoming Kicks Off

    Homecoming Kicks Off

    September 18, 2017

    Homecoming Week 2017 is off to a great start! Lots looked less than sharp for "Dress to Un-impress" Day on Monday. The outfits ranged from good old country boys to just rolled out of bed. The week is just getting started, and school spirit is at a high...keep it going strong all week long, Warbirds!...

  • New Faces- Jason Bishop

    New Faces- Jason Bishop

    Taylor Sprecher

    September 11, 2017

    Have you met the new middle school teacher Jason Bishop? Mr. Bishop was originally born in Pierre, then in first grade he went to New Mexico then moved to Wolsey his junior year and finished his high school career and graduated college at Northern State University. After he graduated, he moved to Bowdle...

The World Is Ending On Saturday!

colton borah, editor

Their is always a chance that the world could end. This Saturday their is possibly another chance that the world could end because of a massive meteor. Theirs not a high chance that the world could end on Saturday, and there...

September 21, 2017No Comments

Stunt Lady Dies during the making of Dead Pool 2

Carter Mehling

The first Dead Pool film was wild! It was full of amazing action stunts. But have you ever thought of what it takes to make it come to life. On the date of August 15, 2017, a stunt women by the name of Joi Harris was on...

September 21, 2017No Comments

Online threats lead to harmful situations

Taylor Sprecher

So many things can happen on the Internet and it's becoming a huge problem. The main problem is the ability of going anonymous, which people think that is a secret but really people end up finding out who you are, and it's...

September 19, 2017No Comments

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  • Mind Over Matter

    Mind over matter is phrase several people don't know the meaning to. The exact definition of mind over matter is, the use of willpower to overcome p...

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