My First Election

Caleb Brandt, Newspaper

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Voting for the First time


The first time voting for me was a great experience. Election day was on a Tuesday, and I voted during the afternoon after the noon rush. I walked in, and there were about four ladies sitting there with election official tags on their shirts.  They asked me for my ID, so I gave it to them. Next, they looked me up in the book and cleared me as a South Dakota resident. Then they gave me the ballot, and I walked to the voting booth. I wasn’t too overwhelmed by the ballot because—like a good kid—I listened to my government teacher and printed off a ballot at home to go though. When I was done voting, I walked to the ladies again and put my ballot in the ballot box. The older people there where asking me questions like, “Was it your first time voting?”  I told them yes, and almost everyone there told me they were proud of me doing my duty as an American citizen. That is a feeling that is good to have.


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My First Election