Smartphone Battery Explodes When…

Taylor Sprecher, Writer

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When you read this title what comes to mind? Are you thinking about what could’ve happened when their is so many options to choose from when a battery explodes? When I first saw this article my first instinct was “What the heck was the person doing” and “Why does he want to put his life at risk.” So the story begins when a man decides to see if a smartphone battery is actually real, so he BITES it! As soon as he bites it, the battery explodes, which causes him not to be seriously injured. Ever since this man had the motivation to try this, it has been under debate. The Taiwan News said, “It’s common for people in China to test the authenticity of gold by biting it, which led Apple Inside to speculate the man somehow thought he could test the authenticity of he battery using the same technique.”


If you insert this link into google it will take you to the website and show you a video

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Smartphone Battery Explodes When…