How to get Better at Call of Duty

Gavin Wilde

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There are several video gamer’s that aren’t good at call of Duty and today I am going to give you some tips on how to improve skills at COD. Most people that aren’t experienced with COD just play it without thinking of anything besides getting kills; well there is a lot more then that to be good at COD. When you want to become a lot better you can try these tips:

Map Knowledge – This is one of the most important factors to getting better; when you learn all the locations and call-outs on the map it will help you know where other players could be.

Rush Routes: Rush routes are another important tip because when you learn locations players like rushing to it will help you be prepared for someone who you wouldn’t be prepared for.

General Locations: General locations are places where most players like to sit and watch, so when you learn them you will always be prepared for a player sitting out that spot.

Playing Strategically: This is also a very important tip because there are other players that know a lot about the game and so if you have some strategy when you play it will help you defeat players that are better then average.

Spot locations: Learning spots that have small peaks or where you wouldn’t expect people to be are really good to learn because it will help you get more kills.

Playing the Objective: This is very important to do if you want to get more wins. Depending on the game mode you like to play you should learn ways to help you get more wins or playing the objective.

Playing in Groups: When you surround yourself with other players that are good at the game it will help you get better at the game and they could give you some tips as well.

Class Setup: Learning what is good in the game for guns. lethals, perks, and attachments will really help you prove getting more kills at the game; also it’s good learning which is good for different game modes.

Well I hope you take these tips and try to improve at COD. These tips will really help you improve at the game and if you really want to get better you can add me on Xbox @Cyphoe.

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How to get Better at Call of Duty