Perception of America

Jan Martinez

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Have you ever asked how foreign people see America? People from other countries that are completely different, with other religions and unusual life style. I’m from Spain and as you can imagine we have different life styles and customs. But how do we see America?

If you ask to someone from Spain that has never been in America before, what does he know about the country, he would probably answer that is a great country, with a lot of energy sources, very rich but also he would say that it’s not a very healthy place when we talk about food. He probably says that is a country that is always on the news so usually it’s always in conflict with others (but almost all countries are in conflict nowadays). All people from other countries know that United States is one of the bests in football, basketball and other athletic sports.

So people can say good and bad things about United States. Me as someone who lives the experience as an exchange student I think America is a great country wit really nice people.

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Perception of America