Cauliflower Ear !

Colton Borah, Writter

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When wrestling there are going to be various types of dangers. You can get bloody noses, break bones, and even get ring worm. By far one of the most common things is cauliflower ear; it’s simply when your ear swells up from getting rubbed on and grabbed. When getting cauliflower ear, your ear doesn’t bruise, but it makes a pocket in your ear and fills it with blood and cartilage. After two weeks of not touching it, will harden.You should then leave it, but most get surgery and get the pocket removed. Some athletes try to prevent it by wearing headgear although headgear doesn’t always prevent cauliflower ear you are still prone to getting it. I myself have cauliflower ear, this is the first time have got it. I’ll have to get surgery after wrestling season is over, or else it will cut of my hearing in the ear that it’s on.

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Cauliflower Ear !