What Do People in Ukraine Think About the United States?

Nataliya Kostyan

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Have you ever thought about people in other countries which you have never been to? Without doubt, almost everyone have their own thoughts and views on life in different countries and on people who live there. People in Ukraine are not the exception, and, as many other people, we have a lot of stereotypes about the United States and being an exchange student, you get an opportunity to experience the life here and to figure out what is true and what is not.

First of all, a lot of people in Ukraine think that in the USA there is mostly very unhealthy and fat food and nobody likes fruit or vegetables. But in reality, it isn’t true. In the United States there is a big variety of different kinds of food and it includes both fast food and various nutritious and healthy food and it depends only on person which kind they would prefer most.

Also, a lot of Ukrainian teenagers think that in the American schools students don’t do anything and they don’t really need to study, instead of this, their school life consists mostly of parties and other funny things. But in real life, it’s also different. I can say that studying in American school can be easier than in Ukrainian because of the smaller number of subjects but it does not mean that you don’t need to study. You can have a chance to pay attention to certain subjects that are really necessary for you and you need to do efforts as well as your homework to have good mark and to get new knowledge.

Another popular thought about the United States in my country is that the majority of people use cars and usually don’t walk at all. In my opinion, it depends on the place in the U.S. where the person lives as in some places like big cities where there is a lot of traffic, it is not very comfortable to use cars and people prefer public transport or walking but in small towns or villages it is more common to use cars for transportation as there isn’t much space for people to walk.

In addition, a lot of people consider the Unites States to be a place where everybody is different with their own believes, points of view and interests and it does not matter what origin, religion or appearance people have, all of them are equal and have a right to express themselves in the way they want to. I think that in the Unites States most of the people are not afraid to be themselves and to freely express their opinions and thoughts and such things like their origin and others which have been already mentioned don’t play role in other people’s attitude to them.

So a lot of people have their own stereotypes about certain countries and people and there is always something that is true and something that is false. You can see that a lot of thoughts of Ukrainian people about America are not fully true in real life and I’m glad to have this wonderful possibility to discover the reality and to let more people in my country know about it.

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What Do People in Ukraine Think About the United States?