Many Siblings

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I am one of nine children in my family, and sometimes it can get pretty chaotic in the house. Laundry days end up turning into laundry weeks and the toilet seat couldn’t get any warmer. It is never “I” or “me”, always “our” and “us”. Trips to the store become family events and food ends up lasting only a few days. Many turn away from the idea of a big family. Yes, there are several drawbacks, such as WW3 erupting whenever we get into fights and having to split anything and everything several different ways, but there are also several positive things about having one. They always have your back. No matter what kind of trouble you’re in or how sad you are, there is at least one person there willing enough to cheer you up. If you get into a fight, you know it; they’re there till the end. Another reason is because you are never home alone. As much as the idea that you are never alone can be annoying, it can also be comforting. If you wanted to go for a walk and all your friends are busy, you could just stop at home and ask one of your brothers. At least one of them has to say yes.

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Many Siblings