Rainbow Six Siege// New Update of 2018

Gavin Wilde

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Operation Chimera is the new update for R6S (Rainbow Six Siege). It was first announced on November 19, 2017, and it is the eighth expansion pack of the game. Every year the game has a new operation (Example: Operation Chimera), and it usually consists of new operators and a new map, but this year’s is different. The season just started and usually it gives you two new operators: one defender and one attacker and one map. For this update, it gives you two different attackers and no new map. Instead, it gives the players a new game mode called Outbreak. This new game mode is pretty much zombie based, but it gives the game a new story line. This game mode will only last a month, so hopefully with the information the community gives them, they will make this game mode permanent. The two new operators are called Lion and Finka. Both operators are getting toasted on by the community because they are overpowered and make defending extremely hard. Each operator has its own special ability, Finka’s is a health boost that pumps nano health into the attackers and gives them 40 more health, no recoil, run faster, and it can heal friendly when they are down. For Lion, his ability is a drone that sits above the mad and what it does is it gives the enemy three seconds to stand still, and if they do this, they won’t be detected, but if you move after the timer, your character will be outlined in red for all attackers to see you. You might not think this is that bad, but it’s actually crazy over powered because moving is a big part in the game. Later on throughout the session, they plan on recreating maps and adding new stuff to them.


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Rainbow Six Siege// New Update of 2018