Girl Finds WHAT? During Charity Cleanup Event

Taylor Sprecher, writer

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A group of volunteers were cleaning up a park in Texas and found something interesting that you would never expect to find just laying out on top of rocks. Hmmm what could they have possibly found? A mother-daughter was more adventurous that it was found to be. The mother and daughter volunteered for the Texas Adaptive Aquatics which is a charity that helps disabled children learn water sports. One member of the group they were with “found a discarded gun in the area and they had 300 volunteers and one of them found a gun this morning and then about 20 minutes later, someone found a head, a human head” stated by Roger Randall with Texas Adaptive Aquatics. “The mother and daughter didn’t notice it was an actual at first because it was wrapped in a plastic bag”. Could you imagine if you were walking along the shore and finding that? The police were called and showed up to the scene with homicide detectives. With the head everything is still unknown and the location to the rest of the body. After the investigation the whole lake was searched and also the gun if it was related to the crime scene or not. Take notes… You never know what you will find in a park!

Police Find Head

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Girl Finds WHAT? During Charity Cleanup Event