PUBG vs Fortnite

Jan Martinez

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We all know that Fortnite is a very popular game that almost all teenagers play today. But we also know that PUBG (Player Unkown’s Battleground) is a very nice game with the same idea. Landing in a map with 100 other players that try to kill you, so you have to get guns and kill other players.

In my opinion PUBG is way better than Fortnite and I can give very reasonable and nice arguments to show it. First of all to say that PUBG is a non-free game, you have to pay 30 dollars if you want to play it on computer. But why PUBG is not free and Fortnite it is? Well, PUBG came on the market before Fortnite so they put a price on it, also the graphics from PUBG are very realistic and you really feel that you are inside this plane about to get thrown in the middle of nowhere to kill other players. But Fortnite seems that you are playing an animated cartoon game.

But anyway, depending on how you like to play and what kind of games you like, you are going to prefer PUBG or Fortnite.


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PUBG vs Fortnite