Why it’s Good to Give Blood

Gavin Wilde

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during high school you have the option to give blood when you turn sixteen years old. It’s an important part of high school because you get the chance to help people; for me personally I enjoy donating. Currently I am a Senior and I have donated five times, and soon to be six. I believe you are capable of giving blood that you should, because believe it or not you are helping people. Several people give blood all around the world, so most people believe that if they did it wouldn’t be necessary, but that’s not the case. There are always people that are in need of blood, so no matter what giving blood is always important. Just think about it for yourself; if you lost a lot of blood would you like blood to be given to you to help you survive? Of course you would! Everybody needs help, so this is why I believe it’s important.

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Why it’s Good to Give Blood