What it’s like to be a senior

Colton Borah

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A lot of people have dreamed of one day being a senior and getting their chance to walk across the stage. One thing younger kids do not understand is how hard senior year can be. As a senior I tried to make my year easy and take easy classes just to get by, and honestly it helped because my grades where really good. College courses those are a whole different level, you have no extra time for getting homework in after the day it is due. Not to mention the grading scale in college is a lot harder. During senior year you get a lot of attention but yet you have to be mature when you are a senior, little kids are always looking up to you. After college courses comes graduation this is one of the most stressful times in you senior year. There is so much to do not just at school but at home as well and if you have a job your not going to get to big of a brake at the end of the year. Other than those two things enjoy senior year, have fun and get good grades!

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What it’s like to be a senior