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During February–April, students from 9th-10th grades had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the reading challenge, organized by Mrs. Fauth. The main purpose of this challenge was to encourage students to spend more time on reading and to help them understand that reading is not something boring or a “waste of time”, but something both interesting and beneficial.

The students’ task was, after each time they read something, to write a short summary about what they read and give it to the teacher, providing the time during which they were reading and the signature of a person who could prove that they were doing it. For each 10 minutes of reading students got a colored note with the their name on it and by the time the reading challenge was over, there were a lot of such notes which means that many students from both grades participated in the challenge and did a great job.

This activity was a sort of competition between sophomores and freshmen and the ones who got more 10-minutes notes of reading, would have a pizza party. Also, the students from both grades, who got the biggest number of reading times, would get some small prizes as well. After the challenge was done, 10th grade got more time and won. The winning students from 10th grade are: Lexi Bishop-1st place, Samantha Lloyd-2nd place and Vonyee Wehye and Cora Cook-3rd place. Students from 9th grade did a great job and the students who got the most reading time became: Jayden Mutch-1st place, Ethan Nelson and Emily Eggleston-2nd place, and Tatum Carey, Lily Wilde and Grace Mulder-3rd place.

In my opinion, the reading challenge was successful and helped students to make reading their everyday habit as well as understanding the importance of reading for them.

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Reading Challenge