Global Warming

Colton Borah

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There are a lot of theories about global warming and about how we humans are affecting the climate change around the world. A few signs of global warming include late winters, glacier melts, and higher temperatures in artic regions. However, what does it look like here? Could our weird spring really be a sign of it? When we have a year like this year (when winter continues into spring), many people say it is hard to believe in global warming. As we know, in South Dakota, it goes from 20 degrees one day to 50 degrees the next day. Not only does this mess with us on the weather change, but it also hurts the livestock. Livestock take extra attention when the weather is like this because they are open to more diseases and colds; it can also cause death to animals (especially the newborns). What can we do to help? You could start by recycling and maybe walking somewhere instead of driving. Also, remember to turn that water off when brushing your teeth!


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Global Warming