Adventures In Physics

Lali Reyes and Taylor Sprecher

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As we come to the last few weeks of school we students have various projects with our physics teacher Mr. Neuharth. The projects contain human wallpaper, paper airplanes, design, and the jeopardy physics bowl. Also, the other project we are doing is a presentation to the class. For this presentation we have groups of three and as a group we have the option to pick a chapter from the physics book and present an eight minute presentation. The students have been busy at work with their projects but they are still waiting for the results on their bridges. Since the students spent about three weeks working them, they are anxious about the placings. And how were they voted on? Well during the School Showcase, people coming through placed their vote on which bridge was the best, looks wise. Apart from that, the bridges will also be broken using a bucket of water. Whichever bridge gets the best score overall will be the winner. With all of these projects the juniors and seniors in Physics will be very busy these last few weeks!


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Adventures In Physics