Tanner Horn

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Studiosity is a new class that high school have to take after lunch. Everyone except seniors are expected to show up and be on time for this class. The class lasts twenty minutes and students are required to work on homework during this time. Also, class meetings are held because the classes can get together easily. The student council uses this time to get their ideas for things like homecoming to the rest of their class.

Some of the different Studiosity groups get better privileges than others like getting to use their phones or maybe talking to their friends. Many students do not like this twenty minutes because they argue that it is not enough time to get their homework done, so they would rather have study halls back. Others argue that it takes them a while to get focused, so they can start on their work, they but cannot get much done. Either way, it looks like this class is here to stay for at least the rest of the year.


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