Dress Code – What is it?

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Dress code has been a conversation starter for schools nationwide.  Parents and children do not believe that the school should stop their way of expressing themselves.

The Wolsey-Wessington Schools handbook has nine rules about the dress code and explains them.  After reading through them, they did not really make a lot of sense as to why they were even rules.  One of them was that a person’s bra strap could not be showing at all, but in reality, not all clothes can cover up straps if your shirt just happens to slip a little.  Another rule was that low riding jeans, pants, or shorts that show undergarments or skin are unacceptable.  So, if someone’s underwear is out or their skin is showing, then they have to change. The student handbook has nothing about how long someone’s shorts need to be, but people are getting in trouble if their shorts do not reach fingertip length.  If it is not in the handbook, then it is not a rule provided by the school, and the faculty and administration should not enforce it.

So do you think schools should tell students how to dress appropriately?

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