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Tanner Horn

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Red Dead Redemption 2- This game takes place around 1899 and is set in American. In this game, you play as Dutch Morgan who was not in the original game. Red Dead Redemption is an open world game where you can do just about anything. There is a multiplayer that you can play with your friends but in the first game, most people stuck to the campaign because it had such a good story line.


Call of Duty Black Ops 4- I am sure most of you know what Call of Duty is by now. This year’s Call of Duty will be a little different though. They did not include a campaign this year to make room for the new battle royal mode. They likely did this because of the big trend on Fortnite right now. The game will still have multiplayer and players are not sure about whether the game will have any kind of story line.


Just Dance 2019- Just Dance was created by Ubisoft and was a hit with the Wii system. The game has since declined in popularity but they are releasing another this year. It will have songs that are more modern then the last but will be the same concept. You pick a song and dance to it, and the system will grade you on how well you did.

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