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Tanner Horn

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Have you been looking for something fun to spend your hard earned money on? This might just be the toy you are looking for. This plastic toy can shoot small pieces of wet toilet paper up to 30 feet! Fill the blue container with water and add toilet paper to have a harmless fun weapon. This is less gross than using traditional saliva and a straw. It is especially useful now that straws are being outlawed in many states. This gun is also pump action so there are no batteries required! This blaster shoots two-ply toilet paper of any brand. To get your own Skid Shot TP Blaster go to today!
Vat19 also has the world’s largest gummy worm. This three-pound chunk of gummy is a great item that you just do not see every day. For the reasonable price of $27.99 (plus shipping), you can have this beautiful gummy worm that you can snack on for a long period of time. This giant gummy worm comes in a variety of different flavors that you can enjoy. To make this better this delicious food is hand crafted proudly in the USA.

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