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Ideal Weekend:
Her: My ideal weekend include things like going to the movies, hanging with friends, hanging with boyfriend, watching Netflix, spending time with my dog, and sleeping.
Netflix is something that I really enjoy and spend a lot of my weekend doing. Netflix is so convenient because it is something that you can access from anywhere. For people like me, I use somebody else’s Netflix so I do not even have to pay the account amount to watch whenever I want to. The last weekend in September, I spent a majority of my weekend, lying in bed and watching my favorite Netflix series, The Walking Dead.
In addition, that weekend, my dad took me shopping to buy some new dress clothes. I have not had new store-bought clothes for years so this was exciting. My dad paid for all of it and got me about four different outfits including shoes!
Weekends are the only time that really works for me to do much of anything because I go to school every day and have volleyball after school until about six o’ clock every night.
Weekends tend to vary in the things that I would do for activities. Depending on the season, you could spend time at the pool, tan in the sun, play with water balloons, or camping.
To conclude, my weekends usually include me relaxing at home or hanging out with people.

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