Junior Spotlight

Cortney Sprecher

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This is Connor Langbehn; he is a junior at Wolsey Wessington. He is only a junior, but he is already thinking about graduation and college and is excited. He also has been going back in forth from Rapid City and Wolsey School. He says he likes it here better because he loves the community and the school. Wolsey is a place where good people surround you. When you go somewhere, you always know someone, which is a good feeling. While he is living in Wolsey, he says he has lots of free time. During his free time, he likes to help his dad on the farm and at his hunting lodge.  One little fun fact about Connor is he loves Hawaiian shirts, and his favorite is his blue Hawaiian button-up. I have also talked to him about people saying that junior year is the hardest and if he believed it. He said he does not believe junior year is the hardest. He believes that every year has its own sets of challenges but he always tries his best no matter if the class is easy or hard.  Also knowing that he is going to have a set of challenges, he gets motivation from knowing that every grade he gets benefits and increases his chance of getting into college and doing what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Having high expectation after graduating, he wants to go to the University of Omaha.

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