New Teachers Spotlight

Chantel Haider

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This year, Wolsey-Wessington welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Steffensen to the staff. The newlyweds teach in the elementary, and they are a wonderful addition to our school! Get to know more about them here!


Mrs. Steffensen:


How do you like it here at WW?

It has been great, and everyone has been welcoming. I enjoy how active the school system is in Wolsey.


What is your favorite part so far? What is your least favorite part?

My favorite part has been getting to know everyone in the school and in the community. I am excited to get involved in the community as the year continues. My least favorite part is being further away from family and friends in North Dakota.


How is it having your husband working right next door to you?

You know, I was actually worried about it at first. I thought he would drive me crazy, but so far it has been great. We hardly talk to each other throughout the day, but it is nice to know I have a listening ear right next door if I need one.


Mr. Steffensen:


Were you excited to come back to teaching again?

Of course I was excited to come back, or I wouldn’t have come back!


How is it so far? What did you miss most?

It is going well. I missed the students the most. Always something to do- I missed that once work was over it was over for the day.


How is it having your new wife working right next door?

Love it-she was nervous about it, but it has been great for us. If she is my new wife, then who was my old wife?


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