Christmas Traditions

Lizzi Brandt, Writer

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Nation-wide, people celebrate the Christmas holiday for at least two days: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  These two days are very special to Christians because it is a day to celebrate the birth of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is also a day to spend time with family and to eat good food.  These are just a few of the Christmas traditions that occur on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  My family, for example, plays a game with a saran wrap ball and we try to get as many items as possible.  We also like to open presents on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day.

Tanner Horn, a student who attends Wolsey-Wessington High School says, “My favorite Christmas tradition is eating prime rib at my grandma’s house.”

No matter who your family is or what holiday you celebrate, being with family, friends, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is the most important part of the holiday season.

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