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Clay Sargent, Writer/Camera Man

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The moral of the little girl and the unwanted cat.

By Clay Sargent

In 1930, a little girl was playing in the streets; she had no worries about anything around her but herself and a little cat that seemed to come for food. She somehow discovered that the kitten answered by the name Ben. Her parents throughout the day warned her not to play near or around the dark street…especially not at midnight with the tiny kitten Ben. Her parents saw her explore occasionally around what was a new part of their block, and this block was originally the London main street. Occasionally, the little girl would look out the window to see Ben. She thought, Ben must be a lost kitten wandering around looking for food and a home. She became curious and decided to investigate. She went out to the dark side of the road that usually did not have lights and heard strange noises, noises that sounded like meowing. The parents became frantic. However, her parents quickly warned the girl again. The little girl was caught red handed, scolded, and sent back to their apartment building. The family had lived in the small apartment for only a few months and did not have very much money because of the rent that they had to pay. A few days later, the little girl awoke from sleep and heard catlike noises once more. London in this time was not a very cheery place for a little girl, especially for one who wanted to investigate outside in the dark.  Many people around this area at this time were scared of things during the evening. There were four reasons: one, being that cars would fly by occasionally without looking for obstacles in their path.

Two, the cars would often cause accidental accidents, especially with little children who play in the streets. Three, being that mysterious things happen in the night in London and some of the time people (especially children like the little girl) disappear with a trace. Four, finally being that there are strange things that made people scared of what could wander around in the night. Some people in this neighborhood have claimed that they have seen mysterious shadows that are frightening in the dark. People occasionally would entrancingly wander to look for food and money. Some would even rob people of their possessions. “May I remind you that this is the dirty thirties and strange things happen often,” said the little girl’s parents. Mysterious shadows crept on walls during that night, some of which looked like they were from people, but the little girl knew that it was only a lonely cat desperate for some food and a home. One eerie night, the little girl went outside without her parents. She investigated a bit more, called out ‘BEN!” suddenly out of the shadows came a little, lonely, kitten who was looking only for affection and to be loved by the girl. The girl went to the cat, picked it up from the middle of the street, and snuggled him, but little did she know what was coming toward her from behind. The cat tried to warn her by meowing as loud as his little self could, but when she turned around, it was too late for her and even the helpless cat.

In a split second, a roaring vehicle had hit the poor helpless girl and the cat that was in her arms. The parents came running out the door to the apartment to see what had happened. The mother started to cry because her little girl was hurt badly and she noticed the little kitten still struggling in her arms. It struggled one last time and soon was no more. A few days later, the girl recovered from what she thought was a dream but really, she was knocked unconscious from the vehicular accident. She noticed that Ben was nowhere to be found she called and called for the cat, but he did not come out to play with her. Just a minute later, the little girl’s parents entered the room in which she laid in. they explained to her what had happened to her and Ben a few nights earlier. She just sat there and began to sob. She thought of how much Ben needed a home and how she was able to give him affection before the accident. She knew then that he was in a safer place and away from harm. She thought to herself, “I gave Ben the love he so long had forgotten throughout the years, the love he wanted most.” The lost, unwanted cat stands as a moral in the story.

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Moral Story