Christmas Movies

Clay Sargent, Writer/Camera Man

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Movies people should see during the Christmas season

By Clay Sargent



People should see many Christmas movies on Christmas day and Christmas Eve. They bring joy to the hearts of many people who celebrate this beautiful season of joy. One of many favorites in American history is Charles dickens, a Christmas carol. Another would be an animated movie called Rudolph. One of many quotes from these are “come in and know me better man”. Another would be “didn’t I tell you about bumbles? Bumbles bounce! These are some of America’s classics from old times. They tell of giving and being fair to others on Christmas. They also tell of people in the movies having a cold heart, being rude, and being unfair to characters throughout the screenplay. Then with a little Christmas magic and a twitch of Santa’s nose, the ungrateful characters change their ways and believe in the Christmas spirit once more. Many people think Santa is or was not real; well he was real over 300 years ago. However, today they have movies about him that can either be funny with comedy or inspiring with Christmas magic and belief. These movies are called the Santa clause and the polar express. These are some of the best movies I have seen and possibly the most inspiring to get someone into the Christmas spirit.

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