Weird Robbery

Allison King

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This was far from a normal robbery. Clint Gray, a thirty-five year old man from California, made a sad attempt to rob a bank. He walked into Wells Fargo Bank in Solana Beach, California on January 3, 2019. Once he walked into the bank, he yelled he was robbing the bank. He told everyone to get to the ground. Once everyone hit the ground, he told the people to call the cops. Once the call was made, he took off his clothes, and he sat, in his underwear, in the chair by the front door. He sat there until the cops arrived and they arrested the man. He did NOT have a gun, and he didn’t steal any money.

This is the strangest robbery story that I have ever head. I think that this man just wanted to go to jail, either because he is a little loony or because he was running for something and he wanted to go to jail to get away from it. These are my theories. You are more than welcome to create your own!

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Weird Robbery