Senior Update

Raquel Nelson

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For the seniors, going into this year’s second semester and their final high school semester is just a little rough. Senioritis is in full swing, which makes it hard for students to get their work done, especially those taking dual-credits. One change for the seniors is their government schedule.

Like all high school classes, the students would normally attend class every day, but this semester is different. Mrs. Boomsma-Kelsey, Mrs. Stevens, and Mrs. Uttecht decided to make it so that seniors would only have to attend government class twice a week. This was done to give the seniors a taste of what college will be like. Senior Diedrich Offt said, “I like the change because it is getting us ready for college and teaching us how to manage our time.” Many of the seniors like this change because it gives them more free time and it will prepare them for college.

As the seniors are doing well with the government change, many are concerned about the change in time for studiosity. Henry Eichstadt is furious with the change. He said, “Studiosity being moved (to the end of the day) has made my lunch shorter and lunch is my favorite part of the day.” For the seniors who have class after lunch, Studiosity was extra time to eat, and now that it is moved, they feel rushed.

As the semester goes on, senioritis only gets worse. We shall see how many seniors make it out. Come to graduation to find out.



¨ Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

¨ Get out of your comfort zone.

¨ Enjoy the moments you have with your classmates.

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