Warbird Cookbook

Abbigail Nickels, Writer/Editor

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Hi everyone! My name is Abbigail Nickels and I am a junior here at WWHS. I would like to inform the readers about a project I am doing this year. My inspiration for this project came from my family’s church cookbook gifted to us from my great-grandmother Joanne Pazour. I often find myself leafing through the cookbook, reading all of the different recipes and seeing the names of different people in the community that submitted recipes. One day out of the blue, I thought that wouldn’t this be a great thing to bring to Wolsey-Wessington School! I talked to Mrs. Fauth, the business class teacher, about my idea and she liked it. We then set up a meeting with Mrs. Boomsma-Kelsey. I told her my idea and she liked it as well. So I started brainstorming further ideas for this project, The Warbird Cookbook. This cookbook will not be like other cookbooks; it will feature stories of the school and student art, not just recipes. There will also be more info about people that submit recipes, like if they are an alumnus of WWS, a student at WWS or if they are a community member.  This year I hope to start collecting recipes so that when I start my senior year, all I have is to organize and put the recipes together to make the cookbook and have it out before Christmas. If you would like to submit a recipe for the cookbook, there will be flyers in Mrs. Zomer’s office, or if you are technologically savvy, download the flyer off the school website to fill out at home and then drop off at Mrs. Zomer’s office.

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