Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives

Abbigail Nickels, Editor

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Don’t you just love Easter! For me it symbolizes the coming of spring weather and of course, all the fun Easter holiday traditions like egg dying and my favorite, the Easter egg hunt! About everyone I know likes to participate in this fun holiday tradition, but sometimes the weather doesn’t quite cooperate to hold it outside. In addition, for some this tradition has become lack luster and boring. Well I am here to solve that! Here are a couple alternatives to the traditional Easter egg hunt.

  1. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. Instead of hiding and looking for the eggs. Instead, leave clues for where they’ll find the next egg that will lead them on this hunt. Make sure to number the eggs so no kids will skip an egg while searching. The last clue can lead the kids to a big prize just for themselves (like a candy bar) or a treat that the whole family can enjoy!
  2. Easter Egg Relay Race. In a tradition Easter egg hunt, you go around by yourself looking for eggs. Sometimes this causes younger children to get upset when all the older kids are finding all the eggs. But in the Easter egg relay race you pair up the kids into teams where the first one will be off finding an egg and when they find an egg they come back to tag the next person to go find an egg. They can continue until they find a specific number of eggs (e.g., 15). The best part about this egg hunt alternative is that younger kids can participate! Just make sure that they understand they can only bring back one egg at a time.
  3. Reverse Egg Hunt. Instead of the kids finding the eggs, it’s the parents! Inside each egg written on slips of paper, are privileges that the kids would like to have (e.g., stay up late extra hour, watch movie, bake cookies, etc.). The eggs that the parents don’t find in a time limit are the ones the kids get to keep!
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