Raquel Nelson

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My cat Daisy is pregnant!!! I think she is pretty far into it because she looks like she is about to pop. Daisy, along with many other cats, lives on my farm. She has had many kittens before, so this will not be something new for her. I am hoping she has them somewhere we can find them so we can tame them and have even more cats!!

I have an idea of what the kittens will look like since we only have one tom cat around. Our tom cat is black, so she will probably have gray and black kittens. We have the idea that our tom cat has one main chick with the other cats as his side chicks. He and our Siamese cat are always together; they just like to sit and bathe in the sun. We think that when they aren’t together, he is with his side chicks. This is my theory on how Daisy got pregnant.

(Enjoy a couple pictures from Daisy’s maternity photography session)

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