Senior Trip: A Great Day

Allison King, Writer/ Editor

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On April 16, the seniors loaded the bus in front of the gym at 7:30(ish) in the morning. They headed towards Sioux Falls for their Senior Trip. To start, the seniors went to the Washington Pavilion. Most of the seniors were not a fan right away because the visual arts center was not that entertaining. After the tour of the artwork, the seniors went over to the Kirby Science Discovery Center. The seniors spent time on each floor. The seniors were required to have an educational portion, and this was definitely educational. Some of the seniors took the time to watch the Science Show that took place while we were there. The most enjoyable part of the Washington Pavilion was the fourth floor. On the fourth floor, there was dancing, racing, and rock climbing.

After their time was over at the Washington Pavilion, the seniors headed to the mall for 2 hours to eat lunch and waste money. For lunch, most of the seniors ate at Culver’s but others were a little more adventurous (including sushi). Some of the boys complained that 2 hours was too long at the mall, but the girls loved their time there.

Once the “long” mall time was over, the seniors headed over to Harrisburg to Air Madness. Normally, Air Madness isn’t open on Tuesdays, but they made an exception for our amazing senior class. The seniors jumped for an hour and a half. The jumped on trampolines, rode bulls, dunked basketballs, and demolished each other at dodgeball. During the epic dodgeball, they turned on the black lights and everything lit up (even Shalane’s hair!). Some seniors took more risks than others did and some even came out with injuries. With injuries aside, the seniors really enjoyed their time at Air Madness, and they would all recommend going back.

To end their Senior Trip, they ate at Perkin’s in Mitchell. They spent some quality time together there. Some waited for their food for a while. One even waited for a while for a spoon so she could eat her soup. One received a call from the police. Some even stalked each other on Instagram. Undeniably, a great time was had around the dinner table.

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