Carter Mehling
My name is Carter Mehling and I was born on April 14, 1999 in Huron South Dakota. I have 3 older sibling and 3 step sisters. I am a high school senior and I attend Wolsey – Wessington High School. This is my first year working on the newspaper and I am very excited to be in newspaper. I am also involved in tons of other extracurricular activities such as football, baseball, basketball, oral interp, and track. After high school I plan on attending Mitchell Tech. to earn a degree in Agricultural Management. After I earn a degree in Ag. Management I plan on moving back to the family farm located in Wessington South Dakota and working with my dad, brother, and grandpa. The reason I want to earn a degree in agricultural management is because I have always wanted to run my own farm. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!

Carter Mehling, Writer, Editor, and CEO

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