Chantel Haider
This is Chantel Haider, she is previously one of the WW newspaper staff members. Chantel is a junior this year and it is her second year of writing for the newspaper. She enjoys writing about fun and neat things going on throughout our school.

Chantel is involved with many different activities at WW such as, volleyball, basketball, track, oral interp, and one act. Chantel has three other siblings, Tate(18), Brynn(15), and Keegan(13). Chantel has "rockin' parents" and she is so overly proud of what they have accomplished in the past year. An interesting fact about Chantel is that her favorite color is a "light baby purple". Chantel loves to spend time with her close friends and family throughout the entire year. She is so excited for summer of 2019 because she loves summertime:)

At home are four of Chantel's best friends....Sammi, Scout, Chloe, and Brutus. These are Chantel's dogs that she loves more than anything (even though they destroy everything). Also at home she has three baby kitties names, Peaches, Phoenix, and Ash. Phoenix is her kitty, but she loves them all;)

Chantel Haider, Writer

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