Clay Sargent

By Clay Sargent

My name is Clay Sargent and I was born on 9/11/2000. I grew in Huron South Dakota. I lived in Huron for two and a half years. Later on I  moved out in the country six miles north from Huron to live with my mom, grandpa, and siblings (Leslie and Caleb), then a few years later with Dusty. I later started school at Washington elementary. One thing you might not have known about me is that I was so smart I did not have to go to kinder nook or preschool when I was little. After I was born and got a little older, doctors pronounced me deaf until the age of three. However, my mom knew I was not deaf, because after when she would say my name, a second later I would smile and look up at her. Later the doctors diagnosed me with high functioning autism, (ADHD)-Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Bipolar, and (OCD)- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I attended Washington elementary until the 2nd grade and started going to Wolsey-Wessington school after that. I remember it was a little different being in such a big unfamiliar school. But over time i got used to it. From third grade to 8th grade was long ride or was for me. I learned a lot over that amount of time. This year I became a senior and all through high school I have worked my hardest to have great grades and try to be myself all the time. I am 18 now and am getting ready for the real world and being on my own later on. I love friends and family, am thankful for the great big world around me, and have been able to learn a lot from family. I know that I have good friends and family who love me dearly and they have helped me along my journey from being a child, going through childhood, and to growing into an adult. I have been blessed to have made it this far with the help and love of my family and friends. My favorite quote that I live by would be: "Just remember you are smarter than you look, stronger than you seem, and loved more than you know- Winnie The pooh."


Clay Sargent, Camera Man

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