Colton Borah
Hi my name is Colton Timothy Borah, I'm a writer for journalism. I live in Wessington, I have parents and a chocolate lab that is 12, her name is Maggie. A few things you may not know about me is that I'm a pretty good singer from what people had told me, It's rapping by the way,  I'm the youngest In the senior class, my favorite food Is pizza pepperoni, my role model is my dad, and I work everyday. After high-school i'm going to be going to school at Mitchell Tech. For my career I'm going to be an electrition and  I start working for Muth Electric in April. After college I want to start a family business with my brother and dad. Also if their was anywhere I could go for two weeks it would be California because I feel I'd like it there. One day I'll be famous...

Colton Borah, writer

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