Cortney Sprecher
Cortney Sprecher is a junior at Wolsey Wessington High School. This is her first year of writing for the newspaper and the yearbook. She has been enjoying writing articles and taking pictures. Some of the articles she has wrote about are; the Foreign Exchange Students at our school, What is Your Favorite Food? , and the Homecoming Week Article. Along with being in newspaper, she is also in volleyball, basketball, track and field, oral interp, and being a football stat girl.

She likes writing articles for the newspaper. The other thing she likes to do for fun is play sports, hang with friends and family, and watch movies. Cortney's favorite movie is "Sing". This show is fiction based, with animals that have the capability to sing, that take auditions to put on a show that soon falls downhill.

Cortney lives in Huron and her parents are Rhonda and Lyle, I am an only child at home in high school, but I also have six siblings. Three of them are already out of school and three of them are in college. My sister Keely is attending college at USD, my other sister is attending college at DSU, and my brother is going to college at MTI.

Cortney Sprecher, Writer

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