Journiey Herdman, Writer
Journiey Herdman is a junior at Wolsey - Wessington High School. This is her first year writitng for the newspaper. She is enjoying writing articles and taking lots of pictures. Some of the articles Journiey has written this year are about the cheer squad and also memes.

Journiey enjoys taking pictures for the newspaper, no matter what the picture is for. Even if the picture is for someone else's article or of anybody, she will take it.

When Journiey is bored she will either watch Netflix, or sleep. She loves hanging out with her best friend Jocelynn Lucus. Journiey also loves spending time with family, especially when they go on vacation. Journiey spends most of her time sleeping, and working.

Journiey's favorite subject in school is leadership. I enjoy this class most because it is showing and pushing me to be a better leader. The class is helping me help others with what they need help with. My favorite thing to do in this class is putting a presentation together and making posters to show the children, and to explain to them what leadership, and respect means. She hopes they keep this class so when the younger children get older they can take this class.

Journiey Herdman, Writer

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