Lily Wilde
Lily Wilde is a sophomore student at Wolsey-Wessington High School. This is her first year writing in the newspaper. She enjoys it, so she plans on continuing it for the rest of her high school career. Lily's life is never boring considering she has five pets: two dogs, two cats, and a turtle. She also has 6 siblings, although only three of them still lives at home with her. Some of her hobbies are spending time with her family, friends, pets, and especially her great grandmother.  Lily works at Don't Spill the Beans and also travels with a food truck to powwows during the summer. Lily's favorite season is springs, she loves to go swimming, tubing, camping, and traveling. She enjoys long walks on the beach (AKA Ravine Lake) with her companion Max.

Lily Wilde, Writer

Mar 05, 2019
Elementary Takes a Trip to Hawaii (Story)