Lynden Williams
I am a high school junior and I attend Wolsey-Wessington High School. I also attended Huron Middle School. I moved schools when I was in 8th grade and loved the change. When I transferred from Huron to Wolsey I was frightened on what was to come, but when I came into the classroom everyone greeted me and made me feel welcome. The switch is probably the best decision I have ever made. There were many other things that made me feel welcome. One of them is playing sports - playing with everyone was fun, and I still enjoy it. My coach is my uncle and cousin. Something else about me is that I love animals. I have a cat and I have had 3 dogs and one other cat that have died. I spend most my time focusing on sports and lifting weights. We have a great weights program that has put some pounds on me and had given me the opportunity to maybe take my skills and use them in the next level.

Lynden Williams, Writer

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