Sam Sanderson
My name is Samuel Sanderson I was born at Avera Saint Lukes hospital in Aberdeen South Dakota. As I start looking back I think about what I like as a kid some of my favorites are playing outside I was very athletic, I also liked just hanging out with my family. The things I enjoy in my life is playing with family and friends and going fishing with my dad and sister.

I currently live near the town of Broadland which is in the middle of Wolsey and Huron SD.  We live on a farm which my family runs. it is not very big but we enjoy it, there is no better place to be than on the farm. On the weekends when my dad is home we enjoy hunting and fishing and going to a town called Houghton by Aberdeen to see my grandpa. He is getting old now and we do not know if we will be able to see him much longer so we like to go up there as much as possible to hang out with him.

Sam Sanderson, Writer

Feb 05, 2019
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