Skylar Zomer
Skylar Zomer is a junior and in his first year on the newspaper staff. He is enjoying his time on the staff and learning about many different things. He is improving on his ability to write articles every day. He is in a lot of new classes this year with more options in classes.

Skylar enjoys writing articles the most about sports. Whether it be about high school sports or professional sports, he loves writing about sports.

In his free time Skylar likes to play sports. He also likes to go hunting and fishing with his family. He likes to spend a lot of time out on the river skiing or tubing or just jumping off the boat.

Skylar has liked the leadership class this year in school. He is enjoying improving his leadership skills and having fun with his friends while making presentations for younger children to enjoy. He hopes they are learning something about leadership and take the information to the future.

Skylar Zomer, Writer

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