Taylor Sprecher
My name is Taylor Sprecher. I am a writer for the Journalism class, and the reason why I’m taking this class is to be more successful in my writing skills. I like this class because it gives me a chance to write more about different current events in the outside world. My hobbies are playing sports, playing outside, working, chilling with friends, watching movies, partying, reading enjoyable books, and spending time with the fam. The sports I play are; basketball, volleyball, track and field, and softball. The groups I’m involved within the school are; HOSA, FFA, Student Council, Newspaper, Band, and book club. My plans after high school are to go to college at DWU or USF, and pursue a degree in sports management with concentration of coaching or physical education. My plans after college are to stay in South Dakota and find a job that is based on my degree I earn after college, and have a happy family.

Taylor Sprecher, Writer

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