Allison King
Allison King is a senior at Wolsey-Wessington High School. This is her 3rd year writing for the school newspaper and this year she has decided that she will help edit the newspaper. Some articles that Allison has wrote are “What Grinds Your Gears”, HOSA Updates, and any other articles she is told to write. Other than newspaper, Allison has done many other extra-curricular activities throughout her high school career such as Volleyball, Track and Field, band, yearbook, HOSA, and book club.

Allison lives at home with her Mom, Dad, dog, and cat. She has an older brother who is currently in college. During her free time, Allison likes to hang out with her friends. Otherwise, she stays home bored out of her mind. Her favorite subject in school is math, and her absolute favorite math class is Algebra. Another class that she also enjoyed was Spanish I and II, which is taught by newspaper advisor, Mrs. Karen Jensen.

After graduating from High School, Allison plans to put her writing skills to the test by attend Northern State University and studying Elementary Education. She has always loved working with children, especially at the After School Program, so becoming an elementary teacher seemed like the obvious choice for her.

Allison King, Editor

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Allison King